If I could use one word to describe how I always felt, from as early as I can remember it is "Misunderstood." Years back I took a personality test that was to identify the test taker as one primary of four personality types. Two were extroverted, two introverted. My primary trait fell into the Sanguine type.... Continue Reading →

Full Circle

I hope everyone had a fantastic Independence Day! July 4th may very well be one of my most favorite holiday's. I was a summer kid. I lived for warm days, no school and the ability to spend sun-up to sun-down in my grandmothers swimming pool. I looked forward to summer camp, catching fireflies and family... Continue Reading →

A Father’s Love – Part 3

It is now summer of 2010. I have been divorced from my first husband for 4 years, and married to my second husband for 3 years. I have another child, a daughter. I am a Registered Nurse, working in labor and delivery. On this day, in August I am working and I am in the... Continue Reading →

A Father’s Love, Part 2

There we stand in my grandfather's kitchen. We stare awkwardly at one another. My aunt was crying, my cousin was giggling, my grandfather disappeared somewhere; and there we stood, father and daughter. He took me to Red Lobster for dinner. I hated seafood of any kind. My palate is getting more refined the older I... Continue Reading →

A Father’s Love

I said in my last entry that I had not been consistent with keeping up with the "blog." This is 100% the case. So much so, that I noticed that I began this particular entry five years ago and never got passed the first sentence. I am sure that five years ago I summed it... Continue Reading →

Five Years

I have not been consistent with keeping up this site. Several reasons for that I suppose. Life gets hectic, laziness, and my ping-pong table of a brain forgets that I actually have a blog. As it goes most times I am minding my own business when suddenly I have a memory that reminds me of this... Continue Reading →

Oh, Momma

"Oh, Momma, it will be ok."  "Oh, Momma, this stage does not last."  "Oh, Momma, I feel your pain."  That is how I am feeling the past few weeks. I find that I am either repeating these words to myself or someone else, on a daily basis. I recently was traveling to assist my youngest... Continue Reading →

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