A Father’s Love – Part 3

It is now summer of 2010. I have been divorced from my first husband for 4 years, and married to my second husband for 3 years. I have another child, a daughter. I am a Registered Nurse, working in labor and delivery. On this day, in August I am working and I am in the... Continue Reading →

A Father’s Love, Part 2

There we stand in my grandfather's kitchen. We stare awkwardly at one another. My aunt was crying, my cousin was giggling, my grandfather disappeared somewhere; and there we stood, father and daughter. He took me to Red Lobster for dinner. I hated seafood of any kind. My palate is getting more refined the older I... Continue Reading →

A Father’s Love

I said in my last entry that I had not been consistent with keeping up with the "blog." This is 100% the case. So much so, that I noticed that I began this particular entry five years ago and never got passed the first sentence. I am sure that five years ago I summed it... Continue Reading →

Five Years

I have not been consistent with keeping up this site. Several reasons for that I suppose. Life gets hectic, laziness, and my ping-pong table of a brain forgets that I actually have a blog. As it goes most times I am minding my own business when suddenly I have a memory that reminds me of this... Continue Reading →

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