Living on the Edge

Many find it hard to believe that I am a person historically riddled with many fears. I was the kid that most parents dreaded raising. I was afraid of the dark, of dogs, of escalator's, fish in a lake, and let's not forget birds. God how I hate them, even name it, I was afraid.... Continue Reading →


If I could use one word to describe how I always felt, from as early as I can remember it is "Misunderstood." Years back I took a personality test that was to identify the test taker as one primary of four personality types. Two were extroverted, two introverted. My primary trait fell into the Sanguine type.... Continue Reading →

Full Circle

I hope everyone had a fantastic Independence Day! July 4th may very well be one of my most favorite holiday's. I was a summer kid. I lived for warm days, no school and the ability to spend sun-up to sun-down in my grandmothers swimming pool. I looked forward to summer camp, catching fireflies and family... Continue Reading →

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